Staff Council Annual Election    

Through February 27, the Staff Council is taking nominations for 3 open positions. You may nominate yourself, or another staff member you feel would make a valuable contribution to the council.  

Terms for the three openings on the council are as follows:

three-year term for non-exempt staff (2 positions)
three-year term for exempt staff (1 position)  

President Kington formed the Staff Council in 2011 as a governing body whose primary purpose is to advocate for staff on issues of campus climate. This is an exciting opportunity to interact with the president and senior leadership of the college to help make a difference for Grinnell College staff. More information regarding the Staff Council can be found here.

If you are interested in running or would like to nominate a staff member for election to the Staff Council, please click Next below to complete the nomination form.  

The election will take place electronically (with paper ballots being provided to Dining Services staff) March 9 - March 13. The Staff Council will be responsible for the election process, including tabulating results. An announcement regarding the election results will be made March 16.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact staff council at or any one of the members listed below:  

Nancy Baumgartner, x3800,
Sharon Clayton, x3351,
Laura Gogg, x3713,
Diane Hawkins, x4940,
Brent Jaeger, x4956,
Brian Mitchell, x3428,
Doug Peterson, x4107,
Sara Root, x4504, 
Mark Watts, x4652,


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