Grinnell College Libraries: Learning Information Literacy

Student Consent Form

Grinnell College’s librarians have created a brief information literacy quiz to accomplish three goals:
• To provide a baseline indicator of our students’ information literacy (or research skills) at the start their Grinnell education.   
• To present to students the research skills and concepts they’ll need to master for successful academic work.
• To prompt focused, helpful discussion of information literacy in tutorial classes. 

Please note: All students should complete the information literacy quiz by the time and date given by their tutorial professor.   

Because the Learning Information Literacy is also a research study, students must answer the following two questions:     

1) Federal regulations require that you be at least 18 years of age in order to consent to participate in research studies.

* I am 18 years of age or older:

2) You may request that your quiz results not to be used in this study and doing so will not affect your course grade. 

* I am willing for my quiz results to be used in this research study:

Quiz results will be kept confidential and stored under password protection on the College’s campus network; your name will be stored with the quiz results and kept confidential as well.  We will delete these data when they are no longer needed. 

We intend to share findings from this research with professional librarians and educators through conference presentations and scholarly writing; all shared data will maintain participants’ anonymity.  Benefits from this research include the opportunity for participants to learn and reflect upon their own research skills as well as improved information literacy work across Grinnell’s campus and higher education.

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