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Welcome to the Partner Survey for individuals, programs, and institutions participating in the SURE or CURE surveys to assess student learning in undergraduate research experiences or research-like undergraduate courses.  By completing the form you provide us with information regarding the communication of survey results as well as questions and announcements.  If you have information that does not fit the structure of these questions, please contact Prof. David Lopatto ( or Ms. Leslie Jaworski (

Name and USPS mailing address for the liaison
(The liaison is the person who will handle correspondence with the SURE and/or CURE Survey research project, will ask students to participate, and will be the recipient of comments from students at the institution as well as the institution’s aggregate data.)

Please select your institution
If your institution is not listed, please enter the full name of the institution here

Type of institution (See the Carnegie Classification for more information, please note the link will open a new browser window.)

Number of students participating in undergraduate research who will be asked to take the survey
Percent underrepresented groups participation (ratio of number of underrepresented groups participants to number of total participants) Leave blank if unknown.
Date students will be first asked to take the survey
Please indicate which schedule of undergraduate research the student respondents will be evaluating (Check all that apply.)

Sources of financial support (Check all applicable sources.)

Students in program (Select the one best descriptor.)

Academic standing of students in the program (Check all applicable.)

Student project design (Check all that apply.)

Does your program include any of the following mentor activities? (Check all that apply.)

Does your program provide the following experiences? (Check all that apply.)



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