SEA CURE Follow-Up Survey

Hello and welcome to a brief survey that asks you to think about your research experiences as an undergraduate.  The survey is related to the SEA CURE survey, a survey in which students evaluate their undergraduate research experience. While the SEA CURE is completed at the beginning and soon after the undergraduate research experience, this survey is for looking back and reflecting on the experience after a school year passes, or after graduation, or after a few years.  The data create a rich source of information on the long-term impact of undergraduate research.

The survey begins by asking you a few questions about yourself.  You do not have to put your name on the survey, but in some cases students might have an arrangement with their faculty supervisors to put their name or identifier on the form.  Whatever you choose to do, your data are confidential.  After we ask about you, we ask you to recall and evaluate your research experience.  In addition, if you have been back in the classroom, we ask a few questions about how the research experience affected your classroom behavior.

Participation in the survey is voluntary.  You have a right to decline to participate. In addition, you may decide to not answer particular questions by checking the “no answer” option. If, at the end of the survey, you have second thoughts about participation, exit without submitting. 

Thank you for providing valuable information about your undergraduate research experience.  If you have questions or comments, send them to

In accordance with the US Department of Health & Human Services and the Grinnell Institutional Review Board, permission is required by parents or guardians and assent by participants under the age of 18 years.  It is the responsibility of the institution providing the research experience or the institution requesting participation in these assessment tools to follow the requirements established by the US Department of Health & Human Services.

Part I.  General information

Most students complete this survey anonymously. If you, however, have an arrangement with your director or supervisor to use your name or an identifier, please enter the name or identifier in this text box:

If your institution is not listed, please enter the full name of the institution here.

Is this the school where you are/were regularly enrolled?

In the fall of which year did you start the phage genomics course?

How well do you remember your phage genomics course?



Anticipated or year of graduation
Now that you have had time to consider, please evaluate your future again. Do you have plans to continue your education beyond your undergraduate degree?

Please check the most likely plan.


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